Manual Override Gear

Declutchable Manual Override Gear

Item Code : Declutchable Manual Override Gear

The All Torque® Manual Override Declutchable Gearbox is a patented, manual gearbox that allows for switching between manual and pneumatic drive. The All-Torque ® Manual Override Gearbox is made from high strength cast steel with phosphate and epoxy coating. It is mounted between the valve and pneumatic actuator and conforms to ISO 5211 mounting standard.

* High-strength,high-output torque.
* But it in one body,IP67 solid weatherproof sealing.
* Mouting base standard, ISO5211.
* Patented pneumatic-hand shift safety device.
* Self lubricated bearing for worm & worm gear .
* WCB body surface tradted by phosphating, epoxy & polyester coating.
* Yellow & black color

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