Manual Override Gear

Declutchable Manual Override Gear

Item Code : MGB

All Torque® Override Declutchable Gearbox is a patented, gearbox that allows for switching between manual and pneumatic drives. Our All-Torque ® Manual Override Gearbox is made from high strength cast steel with phosphate and epoxy coating. It is mounted between the valve and pneumatic actuator and conforms to ISO 5211 mounting standard.

How It Works:

  • Air supply is cut off in the course of PNEUMATIC to MANUAL shift,
  • Manual operated function is realized after air failure.
  • Air route gets through in the course of MANUAL to PNEUMATIC shift, worm and worm gear separated at moment when PNEUMATIC function is realized.
  • The whole process is safe, high efficient and reliable


  • High-strength, high-output torque
  • 1 body: IP 67 solid weatherproof sealing
  • Mounting base built to meet ISO5211 standard
  • Patented pneumatic-hand shift safety device.
  • Self lubricated bearing for worm & worm gear
  • WCB body surface tradted by phosphating, epoxy & polyester coating.
High strength cast steel (WCB) body manual override gearbox

Integrated Structure Design For Harsh Conditions

Integrated structure design







  • IP67 weatherproof
  • Low temperature grease was applied as low as -40℃ temp
  • Integrated steel shaft & worm gear to bear high efficient & large output torque
  • Stregthened to resist wearing and rusting.

Integrated steel shaft worm gear





Ductile cast iron handwheel

stainless steel bolts manual override gear

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Top mounting PAD on the squared shaft confirms to ISO5211 standard


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